iOS Jailbreak: The Book

Free your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Jailbreak: The Book

Does your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch seem too limited for you?
Ever heard of jailbreak? This book will bring you to the world of freedom for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

168 pages, 9" x 6"

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Out of 400 million iOS devices, more than 7 million have already been jailbroken. Learn the secrets of these millions of users.

In this book, you will learn how to:

Jailbreak your device with confidence

Get around with Cydia - the App Store of the jailbroken world, and install some great third party apps

Change user interface, icons and the dock of your iOS device using themes and visual effects

Customize your iOS device's Home screen, notifications, text input using awesome widgets and tweaks

Remove most ads from your device

Improve the battery life of your iPhone

Simplify files transfer and synchronizations between your iDevice and your computer

Connect a mouse to your iPad and benefit from a new user experience

And much, much more...

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